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Outbound shipments with Bound will mirror current shipment processes tailored to cardboard boxes for an easy transition. When a box is delivered to a customer, it is sealed with a single piece of tape. This allows your consumers to easily open and access their item without tearing through a box. After removing the contents of the box, your consumers can easily collapse and slide their box into the provided prepaid return sleeve. This eliminates the need for consumers to do anything other than place the package in their mailbox for reuse. This also eliminates the need for retailers to remove any tape during the returns process. This allows retailers to seamlessly re-inject Bound boxes back into their fulfillment operations.

The initial impact Bound boxes have on the environment is simple. For every Bound returned is a box saved. Bound is 100% recyclable. Once a box has retired, it will be recycled and used to make more boxes. It's shown that replacing single use cardboard with reusable polymer can reduce carbon footprint by at least 70% cradle to grave. Not to mention the impact Bound will have on the proper recycling of other items, just by freeing bin space.

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