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How Bound works

Bound is convenient to your consumers and your fulfillment operations. Your consumers are returning your boxes with no cost, no tape, and no hassle. Bound uses a 100% recyclable and durable material. Bound boxes are engineered to mimic the functionality of origami, allowing consumers to easily collapse and return their boxes without ever leaving the driveway. This saves retailers and other businesses countless dollars on material, while completely eliminating waste. We understand that this is new and may seem too good to be true. so, try a few boxes out for yourself!

Why isn’t this already a thing?

Cardboard has provided retailers with a convenient and cost-effective way to ship products from A to B. In order to replace the cardboard box, we have to be better than the cardboard box in every way. Bound takes your average cardboard box, makes it more convenient to the consumer, makes it convenient to the retailer, makes it stronger, lighter, and significantly better for the environment. We eliminated any and every excuse to use a cardboard box.

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